Boss list

level 1(world 1) boss:gun armed mouse and crushing wall.

mini-boss:wave of spider.

strategies:Simly avoid bullet and jump on his head to defeat him.he is called a boss because he is bit annoying.For the wall,just use the boss to complete the levels.It won't hurt you unless it totaly crush you.For th mini-boss,just kill as many as possible spider.

level 2(world 1)boss:ink(chase boss)more spider and hole(must avoid)

strategies:Just runs away from inks,kills as many a possible spider and jump over hole by the assitating platform.

level 3(world 1)boss:angry penguins.


strategies:kill  as many a possible bats and spider.The angry penguins is the first true boss.It takes 3 hits.To beat him,avoid jump on his head and lets him charge at you but when he near,jump over him and he got stuck so you can jump on his back.Repeat this 2 more time to win.The ending was angry penguins die.

levels 3(world 2)

boss:angry rabbits:Just avoid being crushed by him and dropping spider as well as a snail and use snail shell to stun him and jump on his head and do this 3 time to win and ice-cream is your price.


angry penguin and angry rabbits both have partucular purpose of killing fancy pants man.angry penguins wants to kills him because he is awokened from sleep and angry rabbit wants fancy pants die because he wants the ice-cream and eat it.


angry penguins:3000

angry rabbits:3000


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