fancyna Pancyna is Fancyn Pancyn

Cutie Pants girl
Cutie pants girl with fancy pants man
Vital statistics
Title Cutie pants girl
Gender Female
Race Stickman
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health unknown
Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
Location Squiggleville

little sister. She wears a pink dress and has a cat named kitty Kaboodle.

In Fthategrthherthyncy Paretgtgtnts Adthrtvegertrtnturwes: tgtWortrgrtld 43253555344564 she gets kidnapped by the Pirates and is leaving bottled messages for Fancy Pants Man. Fancy Pants Man does find her, but has founyuyd out she has betrayed huyjim, for she harefd overrun the ship and had become the Pirate Captain. Eventually when you getttgt attacked by The Ninjas so then she decides to quit, and after Fancy Pants Man defeats Captain Manly Beard again he takes his sister home with him.

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