Doors are portals that appear throughout the game, transporting Fancy Pants into other places. They also appear in menus, transporting Fancy Pants (and the player) to the stated menu above said door.

The menu of world 1 has 4 "doors".

Accessibility Edit

So far, Fancy Pants is the only stickman that has access to the doors. The doors serve as portals that bring him (and the player) to different places. In the menus, they bring Fancy Pants to whatever menu labeled above the door. In Worlds, they bring Fancy Pants to another World or level.

Types of Doors Edit

Doors appear in every fancy pants adventure game. Different types of doors have appeared throughout the games.

Normal Door Edit

They are grey rectangles with a doorknob (drawn as a dot). They transport Fancy Pants to other rooms. Occasionally, the doors Fancy Pants go through would be erased, forcing the player to go on in the World they are trapped in. Other doors can be accessed whenever wanted.

Challenge Door Edit

They look the same, but are blue and have a blue timer/scorebar on top of them. Once entered, the challenge will commence and if the player gets to the end before the time ends/with a high enough score, they will be awarded with new pants.

Key Door Edit

They look the same as Normal Door but have a yellow key on top. They have special contents but a key must be acquired in order to go through.