The Mayor of Squiggleville gave Fancy Pants Man an ice cream for amazing fancy golf skills. The ice cream was later stolen by the Angry Rabbit.


"Oh my, that Angry Rabbit just stole your ice creamy prize! Not even fist-shaking as magnificent as that will bring back your tasty frozen treat! No, Fancy Pants Man, you must go after it! For justice! For humanity! For World 2 to have a plotline!"

Solid Snake Codec ConversationEdit

Otacon- Uh Mr. the Mayor we're not fighting or nothing!

Snake- Your saying that guys the Mayor!

Otacon- Yeah, The Mayor of Squiggleville!

Snake- Ha! Look at those dotted eyes, those are the smallest eyes I have ever seen!

Otacon- Stop picking on him! He's the Mayor of Squiggleville!


Snake- Otacon wheres that beeping sound coming from?

The Mayor- Hey, Snake, Solid Snake? Hey, I know you from the Metal Gear Solid series! So your picking on my eyes! Next thing I know, you pick on my hat!

Snake- Hey you hacked onto my channel! Know one messes my recording! If you want a fight? You got one, buddy!

The Mayor- Then bring it on, I told Fancy Pants Man to fight for justice! for humanity! and World 2 to have a plotline! Now it's my turn!