The pencil is an item used in World 3 and the Fancy Pants Adventures for 360/PS3/iOS devices. It is used as a weapon to attack enemies.


The pencil makes its first appearance in Pirate Ships, lying on a pedestal as if it was a legendary treasure, while the creator laments how he makes the next level. Then Fancy Pants Man enters, grabs it, replaces the pencil with a sandbag, possibly to avoid triggering a trap or merely in triumph. The creator shouts above that he can't create another level without the pencil.

Usage in GameplayEdit

The pencil is used in a similar way of a sword. By pressing the pencil button repeatedly, Fancy Pants will stab enemies. By holding down the button and releasing, Fancy Pants would swing the pencil with an attack that delivers a more lethal blow to any enemy (except the boss), dashing forward at the same time.

In the remake The Fancy Pants Adventures HD, the pencil's mechanics are greatly changed. The Charge Swing doesn't cause one-hit KO's anymore, but there are lots of new techniques with the weapon. If the pencil is used in air, Fancy Pants can stab like on the ground, OR use a charge attack to propel himself forward, forward and up, up, or just simply do the attack without moving (depending on the direction held). If Pants Man jumps WHILE executing a Charge Swing, he will either do a normal air spin attack (when he charges it above his head), or a new "sword-copter" move (when he charges it normally). While executing an air attack, he is unable to Wall Jump.


  • The creator's pencil and the pencil Fancy Pants uses is the same style.
  • In the remake, there are a few glitches involving the new mechanics of the pencil. Some examples include a charge swing taking you through an enemy instead of damaging it; the air attack's animation going in slow motion; and "diving" while using the sword copter.