Captain Rainbow Beard (formerly Captain Manly Beard) was a pirate captain with a rainbow coloured beard. He comandeered the King's Royal Tub and Fancy Pants Man was sent to fight him. Rainbow Beard escaped, and found Kitten Kaboodle, who he began to stroke. However, Cutie Pants came up behind him and kicked him. Rainbow Beard's pirates decided to kidnap Cutie Pants and make her their captain, because they thought Rainbow Beard wasn't manly enough (but a little girl is). Cutie Pants imprisoned Rainbow Beard in the Pirate Dungeon. When Fancy Pants brough Rainbow Beard some brown hair dye, he over threw Cutie Pants with the help of some Tiny Ninjas which had been kept away by his multicoloured beard. He then fought Fancy Pants Man to show how manly he really was. He lost and Fancy Pants Man and Cutie Pants Girl went home.